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PTI Strongly Condemns Rawalpindi Bomb Blast

Lahore: PTI Punjab president Ijaz Chaudhary has strongly condemned Rawalpindi suicide blast outside an Imambargah result in killing seven people and wounding several others. He said there is a need to think measures beyond military courts to over come security issues in the country.He said army is just not the ... Read More »

Apna Rozagar scheme is another Yellow cab scam: PTI

Lahore: PTI Punjab Ijaz Chaudhary severely criticized Apna Rozgar scheme he said PML-N launched this scheme to put money in their own pockets. He said that this scheme was very similar to yellow cab scheme which has completely failed to generate employment and was a scandal of corruption which was ... Read More »

Govt to take back GST on petroleum or get ready to face us on streets :PTI

Lahore: President PTI Punjab Ijaz Chaudhary severely condemned the killing price increases in GST on petroleum products from 17 to 22 percent he said govt. continues to squeeze money out of poor man to pay for their corruption  & inefficiency. He said on one hand they said they would decrease ... Read More »

PTI Punjab women wing arranges Quran Khawani for the martyrs of Peshawar tragedy

Lahore: The barbaric act carried out in Peshawar where children were ruthlessly murdered is the act of heartless and mindless individuals, who  have no right to be called human beings said President Women Wing Punjab, Saloni Bokhari in a statement issued today. “We can feel the pain of the parents whose ... Read More »

Imran Khan cannot come into power through politics on dead bodies : Hamza Shahbaz

Lahore: Central Leader of PML (N) Hamza Shahbaz MNA has said that Lahorites have once again proved by rejecting violent call of protest by PTI that Lahore is still a bastion of PML-N. He said that Imran Khan through his negative politics cannot change the ground realities in any part ... Read More »

PTI ladies workers hold sticks to save themselves from PTI Tigers

Lahore: PTI ladies worker were forced to hold sticks today at Chairing Cross as PTI tigers attacked them.PTI tigers misbehaved the ladies,first they made hue and cry but later they hold sticks and beaten up the boys who went behind the limits.when media started to made footage of the scene and ... Read More »

Entire nation believes that election 2013 were rigged: Imran Khan

Lahore: PTI chairman Imran Khan has said that entire nation believes that election 2013 were rigged,we want audit of 2013 elections,we want free and fair elections in this country,we will not accept rigging at any cost,we do not demand anything but justice. While addressing a massive gathering here at Chairing ... Read More »

PTI burns state writ in Lahore as government fails to protect citizen lives and property

Lahore: PTI has burnt state writ in Lahore with tyres and wood pieces as government failed to protect citizen lives and property.At least two kids were died in the city and dozens injured in fights with PTI Tigers.The both kids who were being taken to hospitals in ambulances for treatment but ... Read More »

PTI shuts Karachi

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has successfully closed the mega city of the country according to its plan C.Hundreds of PTI Tigers closed 29 roads under the cover of police whereas markets were not open on the political call but yet to decide this happened on PTI call or on the advise ... Read More »

Former Governor Punjab Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa’s son Sardar Saif Khosa joins PTI

Lahore: Former Governor Punjab and veteran Muslim League leader Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa’s son Sardar Saif Khosa has joined Pakistan Tehreek Insaf along with two other PPP leaders from South Punjab including Niaz Khan Jhakar and Bahadar Khan. Sardar Saif Khan Khosa had elected MNA on PPP ticket but was being cornered in the ... Read More »

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