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Apna Rozagar scheme is another Yellow cab scam: PTI

1 3Lahore: PTI Punjab Ijaz Chaudhary severely criticized Apna Rozgar scheme he said PML-N launched this scheme to put money in their own pockets.

He said that this scheme was very similar to yellow cab scheme which has completely failed to generate employment and was a scandal of corruption which was a mark of PML-N government every time they come in to power.

He said computerized balloting was complete fraud like yellow cab & laptop scheme these vehicles will be given to friend & family on cheap rates so that can be sold on higher rates to make money.

Secretary General Yasmin Rashid severely condemned the scheme and said this money should be spend on training and development of people so that they can earn money.

She said government always comes up with scheme like yellow cab sasti roti and Ashiana Housing Scheme, which have corruption in them.

She said that millions of rupees were spend on the advertisement from public money which was just a promotion of the chief minister to deceive the public into believing that lot of development work taking place in Punjab.

Information Secretary Andleeb Abbas said such scheme was a failed attempt of Punjab government she said that after the big failure of youth loan scheme in which even after one year not a single rupee was given to youth as bank have show their reluctance to give lone which they know will never be returned.

She said it’s an ill planed scheme where cheep vehicles will be given to blue eyed people.

She said banks have already withdrawn youth loan scheme and will withdraw this scheme, as they know like other scheme these schemes will be financed by the taxpayer’s money rather than the borrowers cash.

She demanded that the government should explain when the yellow cab scheme failed how could this scheme succeed.

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