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PTI Strongly Condemns Rawalpindi Bomb Blast

central punjab meeting picLahore: PTI Punjab president Ijaz Chaudhary has strongly condemned Rawalpindi suicide blast outside an Imambargah result in killing seven people and wounding several others.

He said there is a need to think measures beyond military courts to over come security issues in the country.He said army is just not the only solution to eradicate terrorismalthough they are doing good job. We need to bring back civilian law enforcement agencies, which are deeply politicized in Punjab.

He said terrorist have proved again that this government is not capable of dealing with them.

Secretary General Yasmin Rashid said it is extremely unfortunate that killing of innocent’s people goes on in the name of sectarian violence.

She said incompetent Government of PMLN is not capable to handle the situation.

She said what kind of this government is which is unable to protect lives of citizens, they should resign and step aside and let somebody else protect the country and serve the country.

Information Secretary Andleeb Abbas said the need of the hour is swift action and not committees after committees where all ministers sit and spend more time on eating and less on implementing policies. She said judiciary needs to get in the line and start delivering.

She said Government is to strength intelligence agencies by providing them more resources but sadly the government is only interested metro like projects from where they can make money.

She expressed grief with families of the bomb blast victims and said that comprehensive report identifying implementation measure should be published and shared with media to enable to quick & improved security measures.

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