Monday , April 6 2020
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Lawyers shut business at PIC after Drs mockery

Lahore : Drs have to pay a heavy price of making mockery of the lawyers as the legal community marched to PIC soon after the video of the Drs become viral in which they laughed at the lawyers.

Hundreds of lawyers today marched towards Punjab Institute of Cardiology from Session Courts and recorded a violent protest in the presence of police’s heavy contingent.

The lawyers broke the main gate of the hospital and entered into the hospital, clashed with Drs and staff .

Police played a role of silent witness and waited for the government direction.

Meanwhile Punjab minister for information Fayyaz Chohan came there for mediation but he had to leave after a roughly behaviour from the lawyers . Minister for Health Dr Yasmin Rashid also faced the same behaviour from Drs community when she came at Hospital.

Both lawyers and Drs announced strike after police action to normalise the situation. Police had arrested 20 lawyers for violent protest. Rangers has taken the security of the Hospital.

Lawyers have kicked out the cops from session ourts and locked the gates .

A large numbers of lawyers had blocked the Mall road in retaliation and denied to end protest till their fellows were released from police custody.

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