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Prime Minister is shedding tears on his fate : Senator Sirajul Haq

siraj-ul-haq-noshera-jalsaLahore : Ameer , Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq,  has said that the Prime Minister was shedding tears not on the despondency of the masses but on his fate.

Addressing a historic Ijtema organized by the JI Khyber P. at Aza Khel, Naushera on Saturday, he however said that if the Prime Minister’s hands were clean, he had no reason to be worried. He wondered why the Prime Minister did not think of the lot of the masses during the last thirty years.

The JI chief said that for the last seventy years, the country had been ruled by the corrupt elite who had plundered trillions from the public money while the man in the street remained did not get clean drinking water.

He said the entire system of accountability was ineffective as the NAB laid hands on the small fish while the big guns went scot free.

He said that the solution of all the problems of the nation and the country lay in the adoption of the Islamic system. However, he said, that the Islamic system could not be brought about through wishes and hollow slogans, as it required sacrifices and sustained public struggle.

Earlier, while addressing a large women gathering at the spot, Sirajul Haq said that Islam alone has the message of freedom for the women folk as the West had deprived the women of all her rights and made her a market commodity. He said that while all other civilizations treated the womenfolk as the root cause of evil and agent of Satan and treated them with hatred, Islam gave them respect and dignity as mothers, sisters, daughters and queen of the house.

The gathering was also addressed by the JI women wing chief Durdana Siddiqui, Member, Islamic Ideology Council, Dr Samiha Raheel Qazim, MNA Aisha Syed and others.

Sirajul Haq said that the womenfolk had an active role in the establishment of Pakistan.  However, he said, the women were being exploited in the country even now and they did not have right to inheritance, education, employment and health. There was none to raise voice for the women.  He said the westernized NGOs were trying to demolish the Islamic culture and civilization in the name of women emancipation and driving them out of homes and Hijab.

The JI chief said that the women folk had great role in the human culture and history and their role in all historic events was prominent.  He said that the ritual of SAEE in Hajj was actually following in the footsteps of a lady. He said that right from the story of ADAM, up to the Karbala tragedy, and in the creation of Pakistan, the women had distinct role.  The women were playing leading role in Kashmir, Palestine and Afghanistan, he added

He said that the JI on coming to power, would set up women university at division level and all those who did not give their womenfolk the right of inheritance would be sent to jail. Interest free loans would be advanced to the women to enable them look after their children and earn their living in a respectable way. He said that the respect and dignity of the women folk would be fully protected and the President and the Prime Minister would be the custodian of their rights.

Sirajul Haq exhorted the JI women worker to carry Jamaat’s message to every house. He said that the west wanted to demolish the mosques and madrissahs, therefore, the Muslim women should convert their homes into madrissahs for the teaching of Islam and the Quran.  He said that if the womenfolk continued their struggle, the Khyber province would be centre of an Islamic government.

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