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Shahbaz Sharif suspends EDO Health Kasur,orders inquiry over posting of AMS DHQ Hospital

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif paid a surprise visit to District Headquarters Hospital Kasur today. He reviewed medical facilities for patients, sanitary arrangements as well as inquired after the patients.

Talking to hospital administration, the Chief Minister said that improvement in medical facilities and cleanliness arrangements does not mean that the target has been achieved. He said that this process should be continued. He said that though cleanliness system has improved to some extent but it is still not up to the standard. He said that if a company cannot run cleanliness system properly this responsibility should be given to some other company, however, sanitary arrangements should not be affected during this period.

Shahbaz Sharif expressed indignation over non-availability of soap or hand wash lotion in washrooms and said that if hand wash lotion can be made available in the washroom of MS, why poor patients are deprived of this facility ? He wants answer to this question, he added.

He directed to install hand dryer machines besides provision of towels, soap and hand wash lotion in the washrooms of patients. The Chief Minister asked why the problems regarding cleanliness being faced in the wards are not being experienced in the rooms of doctors and administrative officers. He said that removing this discrepancy is his mission.

Shahbaz Sharif ordered suspension of EDO Health for improper facilities of parking, filthy conditions and beehives in the stairs and said that officers paying no attention to mitigate the suffering of humanity have no right to remain on their posts.

The Chief Minister ordered to open the storeroom and inspected the stored items. He strongly reprimanded authorities concerned over lying of cotton and bandages in dust on the floor and said that EDO Health and officers concerned should be ashamed of the situation. He said that working of hospital cannot be improved without introducing the system of reward and punishment.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he came to the hospital in June and now it is October. How much more time it will take to improve conditions in the hospital, he asked. He gave Shahbash to officers concerned for rehabilitation of TB ward, installation of six dialysis machines and bringing of cooling fridge for storage of medicines and injections. He said that though hospital has improved since his last visit but still a lot of work is to be done for serving ailing humanity in a proper manner.

The Chief Minister expressed his displeasure at seeing an AMS transferred from the hospital during his last visit still present in the hospital and ordered inquiry into reappointment of AMS in the same hospital. He announced a cash prize of Rs.50000 and a commendatory certificate for Dr. Muhammad Arif for saving the leg of a patient from amputation and said that 80 percent complaints of patients are resolved if there are doctors like Dr. Arif.

Talking to doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, he said that they should look after the patients as if they are member of their own family. He directed that nurses should wear uniform and have similar shoes. He said that provision of modern treatment facilities to patients is his mission and he will continue to pay visits to hospital until the system is improved. He said that only that MS will remain on the post as would deliver result.

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