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Islamabad listens sky touching slogans go Nawaz,go Shahbaz

Sheikh RasheedShah Mehmood QureshiLahore: PTI marchers have demanded the prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif with sky touching slogan of go Nawaz,go Shahbaz.

In a quite cold night during rain in the federal capital,thousands of passionate marchers while dancing and clapping to back up and encourage each other, did not allow AML president Sheikh Rasheed for speech by chanting slogans from their throats.Javaid Hashmi

He called prime minister Nawaz Sharif  in disrespective way and said he was moving with COAS for the last 24 hours but he should remember that army was not the servant of his father.He asked the marchers that they should not go back without ending the PML-N government.

He challenged that no other party could organized such a big gathering in such a heavy rain.KP CM Pervaiz Khattak

CM KP Pervaiz Khattak in his speech said that by the help of fake mandate ,making govt is not a democracy.They said what we did in KP,they must know that we make the police a public servant and uprooted the corruption from every department while Center is full of Corruption,Khattak maintained.

He said that hunters have come to islamabad to hunt the lion,no party worker from KP would leave his place until the decision is made,he added.IK sitting on stage

CM Khattak said We promise to stay here until our chairman requires us and asked crowd to promise they will stay here too.

Vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his speech said that people have given their decision,now Nawaz Sharif should resign otherwise they would oust you from the PM house. He said our peaceful workers were being attacked by PML-N rogues to defame our Azadi March but our workers failed their planning by expressing patience.PML-N said PTI workers could not bear hardships ,now I invite them to come and see how PTI workers are celebrating Azadi in rain and cold weather even after 2 days travelling,he added.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said we are here to say you goodbye Nawaz Sharif and will not end sit in until you leave the Islamabad.He announced to continue sit in from tomorrow 3pm.the marchers in sit in

Party president Javaid Hashmi said he welcomed all the people who come on Imran Khan call for bring change in the country. He congratulated the party chairman for bring change and said one million people have given their decision to send the prime minister Nawaz Sharif to home and announced that their prime minister is Imran Khan.

Javaid Hashmi said Imran Khan never defeated in sports ,how can be he defeated in politics?,no one except Imran Khan could be our prime minister,he added.

Imran Khan motivated the marchers in his typical style while addressing the participants at 15 passed 4 in the morning,and said I never thought in my whole life  that I would give speech at Fajr time,I Haven’t slept for last 40 hours and after seeing your passion , I can even keep on going for 40 more hours.IK addressing the marchers

When I entered Islamabad a police officer gave me letter with extreme respect which said punjabi Taliban will attack me,but I replied I had come out to change the condition of the common man ,I am Happy to sacrifice my life to Save Pakistan so I will not hide to save my life,he added.I thought I will go am going for my country. We must not let fear stop us.IK addressing the marchers

He condemned Gujranwala incident and said PML-N workers throwing stones upon the marchers in the presences of police who did not intervene.Sharif said Imran Khan want to derail democracy,I asked when there is no democracy in the country how can it be derailed?.He demanded Nawaz Sharif to resign and announce new elections,if you had not taken 15 millions votes with rigging then what fear you have,ask me for new election I will announce new elections in 24 hours.



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