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Tahir ul Qadri demands dissolution of Parliament and provincial Assemblies

An armed person caputred in PAT sit inLahore: PAT chief Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri has presented ten points agenda for bringing resolution in the country.As the PAT chief started his speech,an armed person was caught in the public meeting who was severely beaten by the PAT workers.

When Dr Qadri noticed the capturing of the armed man ,he asked the volunteers to bring the man to him and announced that the man was a Gullo But of Islamabad whom the government has sent but I will hug him,give lesson of peace and later he acted as he said and ordered no one harm this man as I have forgive him,we believe in mercy,peace and humanity,he added.The man introduced him as Aqeel Qureshi ,a gunman of federal minister Riaz Qureshi and said he was going to home after finishing his duty.He also shown his official card too.

He announced Session courts have decided their petition for registering a case against 21 accused including Nawaz Dr Tahir ul Qadri speech in IslamabadSharif and Shahbaz Sharif before his speech and now police should act upon the court decision as per the rule otherwise they would also face the consequences.

While addressing the sit in of the revolutionaries in Islamabad,Dr Qadri demanded resignations of the Sharif dissolution of assembliesbrothers,dissolution of the parliament and provincial assemblies,formation of the National government,free education for all,subsidized food items for all poor,establishment of the thousands of religious schools,protection to the minorities,uprooting the corruption and accountability of the corrupt officers,provision of electricity and gas on half price,revival of district governments,new provinces on administrative basis,ending the terrorism.

He lashes the rulers and strongly criticized on the present system in which people deprived from justice,compelled to live under open sky ,have no food and have to face cruelties . A heavy rain started during Dr Qadri speech but neither he nor the revolutionaries care for it.Dr Qadri announced that he would not leave until his demands were meet.He  also demand the arrest of Sharif brothers in Model Town killing and asked for putting their names in ECL so they could not escape from the country.


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