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Terrorism and extremism is the biggest challenge being faced by Pakistan:Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that CM PUNJAB 1 and has shaken the foundations of the country. He said that blood of the Muslims is being spilt on the streets and the Muslims are killing their fellow Muslims. He said that Aghyaar have joined hands against Muslims who are weakening themselves by shedding their own blood. He said that instead of being a tool in the hands of Aghyaar, unity and cohesion will have to be promoted in the society. He said there is a need to forge unity to rid the country of terrorism, extremism, corruption, poverty and other issues to make Pakistan a haven of peace. He said that all problems can be resolved by following the Islamic principles of tolerance, brotherhood and wisdom. He said that the holding of international conference on the topic of ‘Morality, Lofty Social Values and Spiritualism’ is a good omen and will promote the sentiments of peace, amity and forbearance in the society.

He was addressing an international conference at Government Fatima Jinnah College for Women, Chuna Mandi, here today. Special Assistants Zaeem Hussain Qadri, Khawaja Salman Rafique, Secretary Higher Education Ijaz Munir, scholars of Iran, Turkey and other countries as well as professors and a large number of students were present on the occasion. The Chief Minister said that it is an honor for him to attend functions at the centers of knowledge and education. He said that Government Fatima Jinnah College for Women is playing an important role in equipping the daughters of the nation with modern education. He said that Nawaz Sharif changed the CIA center into an educational institution while the government set up a gymnasium and a beautiful park in the institution while a flyover will also be built to connect the college with the main road. He said that a state is like a mother and provision of education, health, and a peaceful atmosphere to the citizens is its responsibility. He said that Punjab government has made investment of billions of rupees for imparting modern knowledge to the youth. He said that the funds provided for the promotion of education prove to be useful investment only if there is peace otherwise they are considered only as expenditure. He said that he was deeply grieved at the loss of precious lives of Hazara community as a result of terrorism in Quetta because the members of Hazara community are as much Pakistanis as the others. He said that targeting Hazara community is highly condemnable. He said that division of the followers of one Allah, one Book and one Holy Prophet into groups is a matter of serious concern. He said that extortion is rampant in Karachi and blood of Muslims is being spilt. He said that Quetta, Peshawar and other cities of the country are burning while the Muslims are killing one another. He said that there is need of the hour that the whole nation should unite and make collective efforts for the eradication of terrorism and extremism. He said that destiny of the country can be changed by following Uswa-e-Hasana. He said that under Mishaq-e-Madina protection was given to Jews, Christians and others, they became citizens of the state and their safety and security was guaranteed. He said that peace can also be established in the society if Islamic teachings are followed. He said that Pakistan can be transformed into a prosperous and strong country by adhering to the principle of honesty and hard work while a welfare state can also be established by following the vision of Quaid and Iqbal.

Referring to metro bus project, the Chief Minister said that this splendid project has been completed in a record period of eleven months. He said that Khadim-e-Punjab and ordinary workers travel by metro bus and the discrimination between the rich and poor will be eliminated by this project. Similarly, he said, the division between the Pakistan of the rich and that of the poor will also be removed by metro bus service. He said that if a mega project like metro bus can be completed in eleven months, the issue of shortage of energy can also be resolved. He said that the critics of metro bus project claim that this project has cost Rs. 90 billion whereas they should know that this massive project of public welfare has been completed at a cost of only 30 billion rupees. He said that had this project been launched by Zardari and his cronies they would not have been able to complete it even with a sum of Rs. 200 billion. He said that the Punjab government like other areas of the province is also paying attention to the uplift of the Walled City. He said that Nawaz Sharif transformed CIA police center into an educational institution and now Government Fatima Jinnah College for Women is playing a vital role in providing education to the daughters of the nation. He said that when he was elected member of national assembly in 1990 he paid attention to restoration of the historical building of Government Fatima Jinnah College for Women and took steps for the teaching of German and French languages in the institution. He said that the project of construction of flyover to link this college with the main road was designed but dictator Musharraf toppled democratic government on October 12, 1999 due to which this project could not be completed. He said that a gymnasium has been constructed in the college for the benefit of the girl students while a beautiful park has also been developed and now the flyover will be built to connect the college with the main road. He said that elections are only one month away and the Election Commission has imposed a ban on the funding of projects but he will make his best efforts for the launching of flyover project and its completion. He said that the college students will be sent to Pak-Turk School to learn Turkish language so that they could also gain knowledge of other languages.

Earlier, the Principal of Government Fatima Jinnah College for Women Shahnaz Kausar, in her welcome address, said that the college has become a center of excellence due to the efforts of Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. She said that more than three thousand girls are studying in the college and master degrees are being awarded in seven different subjects. Later, the Chief Minister gave away memorial shields of the conference to the guests while the college principal presented a shield to the chief minister.

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