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No more free metro,govt decides after first day response

METRO BUSLahore: Due to heavy rush and indiscipline of the people on the very first day of the inauguration of metro buses and the damage caused to the buses , the Punjab government is considering seriously to charge fare from the passengers instead of providing them free travelling facilities on these buses.

According to the reliable sources and the reports received from various governmental institutions, agencies and security officials, these busses are fully packed from the starting point on both sides and the passengers of bus stops have to face difficulties to board on these buses and due to the passengers already in the buses, more passengers cannot get opportunity to board on the bus. There are a number of such people who travel with their family just for recreation and instead of coming down at any stop, make it a “Round Trip”. In this way, those who have to travel as per need, fail to get a chance and avail the facility of this bus service for reaching on time.

It may be mentioned that a number of buses were also damaged the other day due to which the public circles are also demanding that government of taking steps that only passengers travelling under a need should benefit from metro bus service and this national asset could also be protected properly. Some circles have also expressed this apprehension that if government did not start charging fare for metro bus service, the citizens will not avail this facility in the real sense. Therefore, keeping in view this situation, Punjab government is considering to enforce fare at the earliest.

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