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President Zardari trying to circumvent the LHC:PTI

Lahore: PTI spokesman in a press release expressed his deep concern over Shafqat-Mahmood1’s orders on holding dual office yet again.

Since the judgment was issued Mr. Zardari has been giving contradictory statements. Sometimes he says that he is not chairman of the party in Parliament which according to him is Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) and sometimes that he is not indulging in any political activities. It is now a well established fact that right from day one, Asif Ali Zardari has been misusing his office for political advantages against other political forces to ensure that PPP comes in to power again. The use of Presidency for political activities is illegal and tantamount to committing contempt of the court’s orders.

“His excuse put forward to get away from the allegations of holding dual office, that he is not Chairman of a political party rather a political association (PPP) is yet again a political farce,” he said. The president according to the constitution of Pakistan is a symbol of the federation, who is supposed to be nonpartisan and unbiased and in the light of the above PTI demands Asif Ali Zardar’s resignation as he cannot do justice with his role of overseeing the holding of a free and fair general election. His stay in the presidency would make the election process doubtful.

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