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Hundreds of thousand people sit-inn for change in Islamabad

Islamabad:More than two hundreds of thousands people had given sit-inn without any proper arrangement to save them from freezing climate in Islamabad to bring change in current corrupt political system under the chair of Tehrek Minhaj ul Quran president Dr Tahir ul Qadri who was able to reach in federal capital from Lahore with a real Long March of Pakistani history.Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s long march could reach Islamabad on Monday night at around 11 PM after their journey of around 36 hours.The participants of the long march seemed to be tired but looking firmed.

People all the way warmly welcomed the Long March,welcomed them in every city in traditional way,showered flowers on them and shouted welcome slogans.Though the govt did every effort to make long march fail but all went in vein.All the petrol pumps ,gas stations were being closed by the adminstration orders,no ATM machin was working on the way of long march,no public transport was moving but even than long march become longer and longer.It was seen miles away on the GT Road from Lahore to Islamabad at every city.
When the long march began from Lahore there was only few thousand people but as long march traveled the number of people amazingly increased,when they reached at Shahdara more than 70 thousand people had joined the long march to bring change in the political system and to get rid of corrupt leaders.They could reached Gujarat at around midnight and started their journey in the next morning.When Long March entered in Rawal Pindi on Monday night the number of participants had rised to more than one hundred and fifty thousand people including ten thousand women and around fifty thousand people were gathered at sit-inn place to welcome the long march participants.

All the media and the political analysts were saying it was unprecedented and an exemplary huge crowed that Pakistani politics never seen before. If peaceful crowed could face the extreme cold weather than no one could stop change in political system and the govt have to announce interim set-up that would be acceptable to all the stakeholders.

Meanwhile ,Dr Tahir ul Qadri has thanked the people for their confidence on him.At the occasion he said the goal was very much near to achieve and soon people will listen positive news for their future.

Islamabad Police have provided red alert security  to the Allama Tahir ul Qadri and the participants of the Long March.Aerial surveillance was also being done by the choppers.

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