Wednesday , April 25 2018
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NPT observes Black Day against Indian aggerstions

Lahore:Chairman Nazeria Pakistan Trust Majeed Nizami has said Pakistan should ready for Atomic War with India to get Kashmir back from India,he was talking to participants of a rally that was taken out against the Indian shelling on Line of Control by jointly Tehrek -e- Pakistan’s Workers Trust and Nazeria Pakistan Trust.Majeed Nizami said that Quaid -e-Azam had declared Kashmir an integral part of Pakistan which was in Indian control.Pakistan should take Kashmir back from India even at the cost of Atomic War,he continued.
He said Pakistan should have any relation with India till it stops cruelties and injustice with Kashmiries.

Vice Chairman NPT proffessor Rafique Ahmad said India should hold plebiscite in Kashmir under UN Resolutions.Mirza Sadiq Jarral,Shahid Rasheed ,Rafaqat Riaz and others also spoke at the occasion.

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