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PTI stands firmly with constitution and democracy:Shafqat Mahmood

Lahore: Shafqat Mahmood and will oppose any step if taken to delay the elections. This was stated by Secretary Information PTI Shafqat Mahmood at an All Parties Conference organised by the Supreme Court Bar association. Attended by all the major parties under the Chairmanship of Mahmood Khan Achakzai, the conference was convened to discuss the role of democracy in the development of the nation.

Shafqat Mahmood said that it is the considered view of the party that any delay in the election would not be in the national interest as it would delay the formation of a government that has the support of the people. He said that the nation is caught in a quagmire and the only way to get out of it fair and free elections and a fresh mandate from the people. The problems that the nation faces are complex and require tough decisions that according to Shafqat can only be taken by a government that has support of the people. A technocratic government cannot resolve national issues, according to him, because it will not have support of the people.

Shafqat Mahmood said that no doubt our democracy is far from perfect. Dynastic politics and money prevents the middle class from taking part in politics. In many ways we are still stuck in tribal and clan interests. However he said that the cure for an evolving democracy is more democracy and not its suspension.

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