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APCNGA announces to reopen CNG retail outlets after three days

Lahore: Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman Supreme Council of the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Thursday asked the government to restore gas supply to the CNG filling stations within two or three days otherwise we will have no option but to open outlets without consent of authorities

Speaking to a protest rally at Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore, which was part of the nationwide protest demonstrations against CNG closure and objectionable policies, Paracha said that staff of the CNG filling stations has no food to eat and nothing to cater for the needs of their families since months.

Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said that we cannot cooperate with government anymore on the cost of massive losses; government’s reluctance to bring gas load shedding to an end amounts to forcing us to take law into our own hands.

The leader of the CNG sector said that government is trying to sabotage the long march of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri by creating scarcity of diesel and CNG. Gas has been suspended despite improvement in the weather conditions which proves ill intentions.

Earlier, the protestors blocked the Motorway link road, burned tyres and chanted slogans against illegal load shedding. The protestors included CNG operators, unemployed workers of CNG outlets, drivers, transporters, private vehicle owners and masses who are braving gas supply disruptions at homes.

The protestors were led by APCNGA leaders Captain (retd) Shuja, Majid Ansari, Irfan Ghouri, Samiuddin, Alim Butt. Rickshaw Union was represented by Majeed Ghouri and Baghi Khan while transporters were represented by Khokar Group.

The protestors condemned load shedding and unjust distribution of gas and termed it against the rights of masses. They demanded immediate removal of Dr. Asim, adviser to PM on energy due to his controversial decisions and changes in the CNG policy.

The adviser has left millions of workers in CNG stations and workshops jobless while investments in the CNG sector to the tune of Rs400 billion are at stake, they said.

Transporters said that they cannot meet the expanses in current fare while using expansive imported fuel therefore will be side-by-side with APCNGA in every protest.

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