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I have evidences of my marriage with Hamza :Ayesha Ahad

Ayesha Ahad who claims to be one of the wives of Hamza Shahbaz has appeared on tv again. While talking to the media She said that she has proper and strong evidences of her marriage to Hamza in a DVD. She also said that she would keep appearing on the media until Hamza does not accept her as her wife.Two days before she tried to meet Hamza Shahbaz at Alhamra where PML-N woman wing ladies attacked on her.She offered if Hamza do not accept her as his wife than he declared her as his sister like ,and make it clear they never have husband ,wife relation,if he ever have it ,he would have it with her sister .

It is worth mentioning here ,the independent media is under great pressure of Sharif family and Punjab Government, in this case and no national news paper gives coverage to Aaysha Ahad case even those who daily says best Jihad is to speak truth before the cruel king, never publish a single line against Hamza Shahbaz after his dialogue to the Editor.

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