Friday , July 20 2018
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Pml-n and hamKhial signed accord

Pakistan Muslim League N and Muslim League like-minded has decided to start new political journey.It was decided in a meeting in which both parties leaders were present.meeting was chaired by Nawaz Sharif .Both the faction’s secretary general signed the agreement and later briefed the media that  negotiation for alliance was carried on since long,and finally it was decided that both parties should jointly struggle for the survival of Pakistan.At the moment country is facing great problems so Muslim League Factions alliance was the need of the time.PML-N secretary general Iqbal Zafar Jaghra said PM Gilani was convicted by court so he was no more PM.his party launched campaign for his removal.Muslim League like minded supported their cause and now we decided to seat adjustment for the next coming election.PML-Like minded secretary general hamayun Akhtar Khan said that only Muslim League could save the country as it has largest vote bank in the country.He told the media that both parties have been working jointly since many years.He said we have decided to work for future without seeing past.he told the newsmen that their party President Arbab Gulam Rahim could not attend the meeting as he was out of the country and could not come in present situation. is facing different problem

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