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Protests against loadshedding continue

LAHORE – Protests against massive load shedding continued in different areas of the City .

The Lahorites, who were facing severe shortages of water due to 12 to 14 hours prolonged loadshedding, took to streets in Nisbat Road, Gulberg, Multan Road, Shahdara and other areas and staged protest demonstrations against the ongoing power crisis.

They chanted slogans, burnt tyres and blocked the traffic as well.

People complained that they were facing severe problems and their businesses were closed due to unavailability of electricity.

Meanwhile, the electricity shortfall in the country on Friday decreased to 5,500 MW from 6,500 MW as the total generation was recorded as 10,607 MW against the demand of 16,107 MW during the last 24 hours.

According to report on daily power generation and load-management position, the hydel generation stood at 3,669 MW, WAPDA thermal power plant produced 1,236 MW and IPPs generated 5,702 MW for the energy basket.

KESC had been provided 660 MW during the period. Water in Tarbela was at its dead level of 1378 feet while in Mangla it was 51.20 feet above from its deal level of 1040 feet.


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