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Serial Killer Imran Ali hanged in Kot Lakhpat Jail

Lahore : Imran Ali a serial killer (who kill up to four people has been hanged till death. His body was handed over to his family for burial.

ATC-I has sentenced serial killer Imran Ali four death penalty, one life term (in addition to seven-year incarceration) and over Rs. three million fine u/s 7 ATA for raping and murdering six-year-old Zainab Amin in Kasur.
Trial court – that was given seven days for completion of the trial by LHC – concluded hearing and handed over the conviction within four days that is reckoned the swiftest case ever to be decided in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here while prosecution, in addition to the DNA and polygraph tests, had produced over fifty-six witnesses against the convict, after his confession the defense lawyer opted to quit saying that his conscience did not allow him to defend a killer. The convict can challenge the conviction within fifteen days.

Imran Ali, aged 24, who had abducted Zainab Ansari, aged 7, on January 4, 2018 from near her Aunt’s house. She was raped and murdered and her body was discovered from a rubbish dump five days later.

The news of the incident shook the nation and triggered mass protests in Kasur against the police inaction. Two people were killed and several injured as people tried storming the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

Imran Ali was later arrested following a mass DNA profiling after everything else had failed. He confessed to killing Zainab and similarly molesting and killing six other minor girls.

Imran Ali was born and brought up 120 meters away from Zainab’s house. He has six siblings, two brothers and four sisters, who had lived in the same small house.

Imran is a carpenter/mechanic and had worked with his brothers who are also in the building trade. Two of his sisters are married and two are at home; the youngest goes to school.

He went to school at the age of five and left before he was twelve. He changed four schools during this period as he took no interest in studies and never settled.

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