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Shahbaz Sharif kept in worest conditions at NAB cell : Tehmina Durrani

Lahore: The wife of former CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has condemned NAB on keeping her husband in worest conditions.

In her tweets Tehmina Durrani described the details of meeting with Shahbaz Sharif and the conditions which he was facing.

She said that Shahbaz Sharif, 3 times CM Punjab & present leader of the opposition taught us the Value Of Time. He was a man in a hurry. He served & delivered 24/7. Today, as he sits idle in his suffocating cell, I wonder why he ‘Ran’ so fast, & yet again today he said “I’m wasting to much time”
Today, 8 days after my husband Shabaz Sharif was arrested by NAB, I was finally allowed to meet him. I have returned home appalled. He lives in a dingy 10+10 cell with an exhaust fan, & not a crack in the concrete 4 fresh air or a ray of light! There is no concept of day & nite!
The leader of the opposition has not been allowed to meet his lawyers! Despite constantly asking for the required documents, NAB has not provided them. He is investigated for less than 30 minutes a day! Then he waits for the next 30 minutes & the next day to dawn. A dawn he can’t see.

He has to repeatedly hit the huge lock on a barred door for the jailer to hear him & come with keys to take him to the public toilet, be it in the middle of the night.

There is no AC, & no newspaper but there are many mosquitos which have left many red bites! He is taken for a walk in a corridor.
If there is no investigation why is Shabaz Sharif being treated like a condemned criminal? Why is he taken to the NAB court in a dark & airless ‘Baktarband’ grave-like jeep? Why is he so unprotected while ‘IN’ NAB custody that he is pushed around & falls?

My husband & I were not allowed to speak alone. Both his jailer & investigator were present. As I did not want to comment on an investigation, I waited until I saw it all 1st hand to give an accurate update on Shahbaz Sharif’s living conditions & the NAB investigation. It is a sham.

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