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Shahbaz Sharif admonished for reducing bed capacity of under construction new DHQ hospital

Mandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal) : People of Mandi Bahauddin have bitterly criticized Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif for reducing bed capacity of under construction new DHQ hospital from 258 to 170.  They said his claims during his visit to Malakwal for fulfilling promises he made during general elections campaign were unfounded.

The development schemes he inaugurated were sanctioned and started during PMLQ and PPP regimes.

New DHQ hospital 258-bed with tertiary facilities project was approved in 2004 by Gen Musharraf during his visit to Mona Depot.

It was decided that its cost and expenditure would be shared by Federal Government and Punjab Government on equal basis. Federal government then headed by President Asif Zardari released funds of its share and project started pm recommendations of PPP parliamentarians of this district.

Since PMLN could not win any seat during elections 2008, Punjab CM being from PMLN did not release his share of funds. Therefore the project work was suspended due to lack of funds.

In 2013 elections the CM vowed to complete the DHQ hospital project and bring Mandi Bahauddin at level of Faisalabad. People believing in his promises voted in favor of PMLN and as result his party grabbed all National and Provincial seats in the district, but despite this DHQ project remained incomplete.

Now it is learnt that bed capacity of the health project has been reduced and it would be secondary health facility DHQ hospital, and not tertiary one.

Recently work on the project restarted and CM had promised its completion before coming general elections. People are of the opinion that start of work is to woo the voters.

With reference to dual highway from Gujrat to Head Faqirian, this project was initiated with the efforts PPP parliamentarians during CM’s previous term and was completed from Gujrat to Laither village before 2013.

Other most of the road construction projects were also planned and started and completed during PML-Q and PPP governments’ tenure. However from Laither to Head Faqirian dual high way had recently been completed with the efforts MNA Nasir Bosal.

About Road Bridge on river Jhelum project near Chak Nazaam was inaugurated twice by PMLN, twice by PPP  and once by Gen Musharraf in the past but no work was executed after the inauguration ceremonies.

This time people are also not sure about the fate of road bridge project.

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