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PFA fines Butt Sweets Lakshmi Chowk on unhygienic conditions

Lahore : Punjab Food Authority’s special operation teams on Sunday has vigorously crackdown held against unhygienic food eateries and production units across the Punjab including provincial metropolis.

In Lahore, PFA sealed three production units of Butt sweets shops during raided on the site located in Lakshmi Chowk and imposed heavy fine tickets of Rs 0.5 million to them.

PFA Director General Noor ul Amin Mengal led the operation in city while Deputy Director Operations and raiding teams were also present with him. DG said that production units were sealed for failing to comply with PFA SOPs and over multiple poor food hygiene issues.

He said that PFA has discarded 200kg substandard bread and 50kg substandard cakes that were made in the poor hygiene environment.

In further activities in the different cities of Punjab, PFA has also confiscated thousands of kilograms expired dry powders that was being used in the preparation of adulterated and fake milk, during raided on the factory located at Pattoki City. PFA has confiscated 380 bags of 10200 kg expired powered during raid, later discarded.

Similarly, PFA has also sealed three factories which were preparing adulterated / fake milk under the cover of Ice factor. These factories were functional in Tonsa and Kot Adu area. PFA’s watchdogs recovered more than 12000 liter adulterated milk and also spilt on the spot.

PFA has also forward application against them to launch FIR in the respective area police station as per law.

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