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Shahbaz Sharif again announces to construct Bab-e-Pakistan

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has inaugurated the project of Bab-e-Pakistan at Walton Road. The project embracing 117 Acres of land will cost more than 04 Billion. It will incorporate auditorium, food court, Sports Complex, art gallery, lake and playgrounds.

While addressing massive public gathering after the inaugural ceremony, Shahbaz Sharif said that today we are standing at that historical place of Bab-e-Pakistan which reminds us of the unending struggle of the great leader Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his companions as billions of people have laager here after migration at the time of partition. They have crossed the river of blood and this great land of Pakistan is a priceless blessing of Allah Almighty upon us. The crumbling state of Bab-e-Pakistan which should have been constructed 20 years ago is heart wrenching, he added.

CM said that at October 12, 1999 when General Pervaiz Musharraf has pilfered the democratic government, then this project was handed over to Punjab government who had made it the graveyard of corruption.

Furthermore he added that we are trying to fix the transgressions of previous government from last 9 years and today we have started the reconstruction of this project which will cost more than 4 million rupees and it will be the greatest project of Lahore.

He said that it will have playground for youth and will spread the tales of workers of Tehrik-e-Pakistan. It will also add in swimming pool and we will follow the same lines as we have completed the project of greater Iqbal Park swiftly.

This project will play a proactive role to highlight the struggles and sacrifices of Tehrik-e-Pakistan before our new generation, he vowed.

CM said that few days earlier a great drama was staged at Mall Road which was attended by all political clowns. Those people were shown up in this drama who have plundered Pakistan with both hands as stories of corruption of Zardari Sahib are known by every young and old of GB to Sindh and he was demanding my resignation.

He said that there was also a leader in the drama who uses to deceive everyone every-time and is involved in the politics of impeachment.

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