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Siraj ul Haq Address the Ulema and Mashaikh at Mansoora

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the colonial powers under the US umbrella had attacked the Muslims all over the world and the Ummah would have to unite to face the enemy.

Addressing the Ulema and the Mashaikh at a dinner hosted in their honour at Mansoora Thursday evening, he said that the blood of the Muslims was being shed everywhere but ironically, they were being blamed of terrorism. Efforts were being made to place the Qibla e Awwal of the Muslims under the Zionsits control.

He said that 57 Muslim states and more than one a half billion Muslims in the world were facing isolation as the Muslim rulers stood divided and majority of them were lackeys and agents of  the US.

He said that Bangladesh, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Kashmir , Rohangya Muslims in Burma and Pakistan were the target of the enemy forces. In such a situation, it was the responsibility of the Ulema and Mashaikh to set aside their petty differences, stand united to face the enemy and provide leadership to the masses.

Siraj ul Haq said it was high time that the Muslim Ummah learnt a lesson from the Fall of Dhaka, the fall of Baghdad and Gharnata. He said that a nuclear bomb or the politicians taking dictation from Washington could not defend the country which could be defended by the Ulema and the Mashaikh.

Siraj ul Haq further said that the colonial powers wanted to pull out the love of the Holy Prophet( pbuh) from the hearts of the Muslims and the Muslims would have to safeguard the sanctity of the Holy Prophet at every cost as this was the basis of their faith.

He said that the country’s rulers as US agents had mysteriously tried to change the oath related to  the Khatme Nubuwwat in the law thus challenging the sense of religious dignity of the people.  However, he said that the people had foiled their conspiracy by rising above their minor differences.

He termed the factional and sectarian differences among the Ulema as the biggest hurdle in the enforcement of the Islamic system. He said if the Ulema and the Khatibs gave the message of unity instead of dissent, the secular and liberal elements could not face the religious forces. He said the secular and irreligious elements were marketing falsehood and there was no reason why the forces of Islamic and ideological forces should not stand united for the supremacy of the truth.

The JI chief said that nature had gifted Pakistan with unlimited resources and if the Islam lovers became one another’s supporter, the country could be freed from foreign pressure and US slavery. He however, said that in order to achieve this goal, the Ulema should consider themselves as Imams ( leaders) of the Ummah instead of the representative of any Maslak.  He said that the rule of the Shariah and the Khilafat system was the most important Sunnah of the Last and Final Prophet (pbuh)  of Allah.

Siraj ul Haq said that the country was being ruled by the slaves of the US and Britain. For the rulers, there was no difference between a mosque and a temple. They had been ridiculing Islam and termed the practicing Muslims as terrorists when they themselves were the biggest terrorists.

He said the rulers had put the future of the nation at stake by putting the objectives of the establishment of Pakistan at the back. The people were not free to live in line with the country’s ideology.   The masses could not escape from interest despite their ardent wish and the courts were deciding the cases under the tyrannical British law instead of the Quran and the Sunnah.

The JI chief said that Europe, the US and the west, the so called lovers of democracy considered political Islam as a biggest threat for them while Sufi Islam was their best choice. He said that the western powers had not allowed Dr Mursi’s elected government to function in Egypt nor could they digest the electoral victory of the Islam lovers in Algeria and Palestine. As such, he said, the Ulema and the Mashaikh would have to unite to lead the masses.

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