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Pakistan may face shortage of water by 2025 : Monis Elahi

Lahore : Pakistan may run out of water by 2025 if quick measures are not taken now. Severe water shortage is already having an extremely negative impact on the country’s economic & public health. PMLN has criminally deployed vital funds to exhibitionist projects like Orange Line Train & Metro Bus while overlooking the present & future water needs of the nation.

These views were expressed by the Pakistan Muslim League central leader Moonis Elahi during a meeting with PML Policy Development Group in Lahore today.

Quoting a recent study conducted by the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources, Moonis Elahi warned that by 2025 Pakistan water demand will have risen to 274 MAF while its water supply will be down to 191 MAF creating an unbridgeable water deficit of 83 MAF.

He blamed rapidly increasing population coupled with poor water resource management, non-allocation of funds for building a sustainable water infrastructure and PMLN’s failure to prepare a comprehensive Water Policy as key reasons for the imminent crisis. We are a water intensive economy & our agriculture won’t survive if the water shortage forecasts came true, he warned.

Moonis Elahi also condemned PMLN leadership for their failure in creating a national consensus on the building of the all important Kalabagh Dam for their own vested political ends.

He directed the PML Policy Development Group to vigorously use the mass and social media platforms to inform the people of the dangers up ahead and in building a national consensus on the need for developing a Water Policy that may effectively save the country from its biggest future threat.

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