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Nawaz Sharif pushing country towards anarchy and clash of institutions

Lahore : Veterans of Pakistan (formerly PESA) on Sunday said former prime minister, his family and loyalists are pushing country anarchy and clash of institutions which is deplorable.

The ruling party continue to malign Army and judiciary which is not only adding to uncertainty but also damaging country’s image while military and judiciary are reacting very responsibly, sensibly and observing restraint, it said.

Veterans of Pakistan (VOP) said in a press release issued here today that PML-N continued to raise slogans about the economic revival while inflicting damage to it which seems beyond repair.

After giving away a gift of limping economy and symbolic democracy, the country is being destabilised in the name of democracy which is a threat, the VOP said.

The former prime minister should accept the reality while the incumbent interior minister should clarify the slogans raised against the army in front of a court, the VOP leaders said, adding that country is being made a laughing stock for personal motives.

VOP said that there is nothing wrong in the comment of Army over the state of the economy which is backed by many prominent economists as countless local and foreign institutions including the SBP, FPCCI, credit rating agencies, multilateral lenders etc. continue to do the same.

The Army which is facing increased facing many internal and external threats cannot remain unconcerned with the state of the economy as its weakness is linked to the national security.

If a financial emergency is declared, as believed by some quarters, the military will face budget cuts which will please the countries which are against Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

It is right of the masses to know about the economic situation as all they got over the years was frustration. Criticism is part of the democratic process and if the government dislikes it then it should publish a white paper covering exports and imports during the last five years, textile industry woes, the flight of capital, poverty reduction, corruption and nepotism, achievements and failures of foreign and internal policies, the capability to repay loans etc.

The VOP said that masses must know that IMF, World Bank and other institutions are willing to deal with Ishaq Dar or not who is facing charges of corruption but still serving as finance minister.

The government should also clarify that why another minister was sent to the World Bank’s meeting in place of the finance minister.

We want to know what action has been taken after a hefty fine was slapped on HBL in the US and is this banking heading towards the fate of BCCI.

Load shedding has been reduced due to an improved power supply or cold weather and some payments to the IPPs and what are the facts about Nandipur scam, the former military leaders asked.

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