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ISPR to avoid commenting on country’s economy : Ahsan Iqbal

Lahore : Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal reacted to the statements given by Pakistan Army officials regarding deteriorating economic situation in the country, suggesting ISPR DG Major General Asif Ghafoor to refrain from commenting on the economy in public. While refuting to the views of DG ISPR, Iqbal claimed that Pakistan s economy is still strong and irresponsible remarks could damage the image of the country.

Talking on Friday, he said irresponsible statements have huge impact on international reputation of the country. Resources are also being provided for security operations.

Iqbal claimed that tax collection had increased by two times, development budget also went up and there is no need to go on another IMF programme.

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, while speaking to Kamran Khan on his show had said that the country’s economy is closely linked with the security and Pakistan needs to be fully secured for its economy’s boom, he said. He had bluntly told that the economical situation is not bad, but its not good either and that a better future strategy should be devised for prosperous future.


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