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Zahid Hamid sought apology from Mubashar Luqman

Lahore : A legal notice has been served on Mubashar Luqman, anchor person of programme “Khara Such” in channel 24 for giving wrong statement about Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Climate change Zahid Hamid.

The notice said in the programme “Khara Such” telecast by channel 24  news HD on July 11, at 10 pm, alleging Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Climate Change Zahid Hamid along other MNAs, is going to leave Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz very shortly, a press release Friday said.

This wild, false and fabricated statement is without any basis.  Zahid Hamid is proud to have been elected twice as a Member of the National Assembly on the ticket of the PML-N. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif further honoured him by appointing as a federal minister.

Zahid Hamid is a loyal, steadfast and committed member of the PML-N and is actively engaged in implementation of its manifesto. The slanderous statement is a deliberate attempt to malign and defame the client and expose him to criticism and ridicule, for the benefit of his political opponents.

The legal notice also demanded from the channel to retract the statement and make an unconditional apology in the same programme and at the same time. In case the said channel fails to do so, civil and criminal proceedings would be initiated against the anchor and other responsible for the false statement under the relevant laws, including suit for damages for a sum of Rs100 million.

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