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The civil society and PPP stage a protest outside Lahore press club

Lahore : The civil society and Pakistan people’s party stage a protest today outside Lahore press club Lahore to condemn the disappearance of civil rights activists salman Haider and other three members of the civil society.

The participants said that this state of affairs is not tolerable as it’s clearly serious violations of human rights as well as National action Plan. Peoples are disappearing in the daylight.

President civil society Network Abdullah Malik said while addressing the participants and media that we will not accept state within the state and the disappearance of salman haider and at least three other activists a dark new chapter in the state’s murky, illegal war against civil society appears to have been opened.its failure of state and its strong organs.

The civil society activists like salman haider and many others are working for a tolerant, progressive, peaceful and a inclusive Pakistan. He added that it’s not dream of Quaid e Azam Pakistan. He condemns the vast infrastructure of jihad and the mosque-madressah-social state welfare network of extremism continues to thrive.

It was also a horrible scene at the 6th death anniversary of the salman taseer where extremists were moving freely and the choked the whole Lahore but we were warned to refrain from observing the anniversary. it reveals that state is not serious to implement the National Action Plan in its true letter and spirit. We warn the govt. that it should early recovered the Salman haider within 24 hours and in case of failure civil society will protest at large scale against these disappearances which is itself lawlessness.

The participants raise slogans disappearance of salman Haider and other three innocent citizen of Pakistan. The recent disappearances are not tolerable at all in the society as well in the country. The Supreme Court also took notice of these disappearances as its guardian of the civil rights.

The participant’s carries play cards in their hands.PPP leader Jahan Ara watoo. Barrieter Amir, Sohail Malik, lord Pasha,Faisal Mir and shahida jabeen also address the participants.

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