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Shahbaz Sharif vows to sue Imran Khan for levelling corruption charges

shahbaz-sharif-addressing-a-press-conferenceLahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that baseless and wrong allegations of corruption leveled by Imran Khan against him are the height of lies , he is filing a claim of compensation of 26 billion 54 crore rupees against him. He said that if the decision was given in his favour, he will give this amount to the people and it will be spent on the welfare of the masses. He said that if the verdict came against Imran Khan, it is not a big amount as he will get this sum from the richest person who has got written off loans of billions of rupees. He said that if the decision came against him, he and his children will quit politics and if it came against those leveling baseless allegations, the nation will decide the matter. He requested the court to hear the case on daily basis.

The Chief Minister was addressing a press conference with regard to corruption allegations against him, here today.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Javaid Sadiq is known to him but he is not his front man and he is representative of a Chinese company, if anyone has any proof in it support, he should bring it to the nation.

The Chief Minister said he has evidence that while an individual, who has become the richest person by usurping loans of billions of rupees of the poor nation, is standing on one side and other person, who has become a billionaire by grabbing the lands of widows, orphans and others is standing on other side of Imran Khan.

The Chief Minister said that the same leader termed metro bus as Jangla bus and alleged that cost on this project was 75 billion rupees and the material of Ittefaq Foundry was used in the project whereas Ittefaq Foundry had been closed 15 years ago.

The Chief Minister said that he meets representatives of Chinese companies as well as that of Middle East, Europe and other countries of the world daily and serve them food only so that Pakistan could progress and the problems of people are resolved.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he saved 112 billion rupees of the nation in gas based power projects of 3600 megawatts. He said that a sum of 75 billion rupees was saved in orange line project while four billion rupees were saved in Safe City Project. He said that saving of billions of rupees in development projects is unprecedented in the history of the country.

He said that the contract for Arfa Karim Tower project was given in the tenure of former chief minister Pervaiz Elahi to China Construction Company and the present government has completed the project.

He said that the project of Islamabad Airport is a federal issue and its contract had been awarded by PPP government. He said that Punjab government has set up solar power project in Bahawalpur with its own resources.

The Chief Minister said that Chinese company of Javed Sadiq had taken part in the tendering process but the bid of the company was rejected. He said that had Javed Sadiq been his front man his company would have been given the contract of the projects.

Similarly, he said, the company of Javed Sadiq had also taken part in tendering for Safe City Project but his bid was rejected and the contract was awarded to another company Huawei of China. He said that the bid of Javed Sadiq’s company China Construction was also rejected in Lahore Ring Road project and contract was given to FWO.

The Chief Minister said that these facts prove that Javed Sadiq is not his front man and the allegations are completely false and fabricated.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he had never said in the past that he will go to court but this time he will do so.

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