Friday , October 18 2019
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34 infectious diseases are communicable : Dr. Salman Kazmi

Dr Salman KazmiLahore : Punjab Health Department has obtained a copy of the Book “Sehat Taleem Se” from Young Doctors on the directive by the Chief Minister Punjab.

The book made by around 20 doctors of Mayo Hospital has details of 34 infectious diseases which are communicable. YDA Pakistan General Secretary Dr. Salman Kazmi Has made this book keeping in view the facts that in last four years 150 peoples have died because of Dengue, 230 babies died because of measles, 45 Children died due to diphtheria and 10 due to Congo fever, whereas the already existing book of 17 pages made by Punjab Education department was in sufficient to address the menace of infectious diseases.

The book made by Doctors of Medicine & pediatrics department of Mayo hospital will help save Thousands of lives in futures by educating the public and school going children about these diseases.

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