Tuesday , February 18 2020
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YDA choke the city by holding demonstration at The Mall Road

Lahore : Young Doctors Association has protested at The Mall Road against centralized induction policy . The doctors chanted against the government policy and secretary health Punjab.They came at the Mall Road with sound system and blocked the road for hours and choked the city traffic caused great problem for the road users. YDA says series of protests will continue until Punjab govt withdraws central induction policy.

The YDA  staged protest rallies against central induction post graduation policy , gathered outside Punjab Assembly and blocked the road.

The YDA is of the view that doctors in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are getting more salaries than Punjab. They demanded increase in salaries. The YDA announced that a series of protests would continue until the Punjab government withdraws the central induction policy.

The young doctors of Mayo Hospital, Punjab Dental Hospital and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital blocked The Mall by holding protest demonstration in front of Punjab Assembly. The young doctors were carrying banners and placards inscribed with their demands and chanting slogans against the government for depriving doctors of their rights in the province. The protesters said that if the government would not complete their demands, they would enhance the protest against government on routine basis.

The young doctors’ strike caused a great deal of problems for the patients in hospitals, as work in OPDs was partially shut and several minor operations were postponed. Besides, the closure of roads created massive inconvenience for the people, who remained stuck in traffic for hours.

The YDA leaders, however, claimed that young doctors didn’t hold a strike or disrupt the healthcare services in hospitals.

Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Secretary Najam Ahmad Shah said that the YDA’s protest is baseless and illogical as the government had already met their demands. He said patients at DHQ and THQ also need medical services but doctors hesitate to serve there. He said “we will ensure availability of medical facilities at less-developed areas”.

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