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Shahbaz Sharif pays a surprize visit to Sharif Hospital and Ramadan Bazaar

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif paid a surprise visit to Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Hospital and Ramadan Bazaar Bedian Road without protocol, today. Even the staff of Chief Minister, district administration and Pakistan Muslim League-N office-bearers did not know about the visit of the Chief Minister.

Shahbaz Sharif reviewed availability of medical facilities in Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Hospital whereas prices and quality of essential commodities, fruits, vegetables and pulses in Ramadan Bazaar. He asked under-treatment patients in the hospital and their attendants about medical facilities being provided in gynae ward, pharmacy, sanitation arrangements, provision of medicines and behavior of medical staff.

Talking to the Chief Minister, the patients and their attendants appreciated setting up of the hospital and availability of healthcare facilities and medicines. They also expressed their satisfaction over the behavior of doctors and paramedics. A patient under-treatment in gynae ward described the hospital as a blessing. Women patients appreciated medical facilities in the hospital and described it a big service of Chief Minister to the common people.

Talking to doctors, nurses and other staff, Shahbaz Sharif expressed satisfaction over cleanliness arrangements in the hospital and also stressed the need for improvement. He said that he was pleased to visit the hospital where best treatment facilities are available to the patients while the staff is also present. He said that there is a need for promoting this spirit of service to humanity as it is a means of success in this world and the world hereafter. He said that best medical facilities are being extended to patients in Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Hospital Bedian Road and similar healthcare facilities should be available in all other hospitals of Punjab as well.

The Chief Minister also visited pharmacy and blood bank of the hospital and reviewed the system of medicines. He also appreciated the efficiency of the pharmacist and gave him Shabash. Shahbaz Sharif during his visit to blood bank expressed his pleasure  over the commitment of lady doctor who was performing her duty despite injury to the foot and said that such spirit is essential for service to ailing humanity. He said that a refrigerator will be arranged for storing blood in the bank.

Later, the Chief Minister paid a surprise visit to Sasta Ramzan Bazaar at Bedian Road arranged by Wahga Town. He went to Ramadan bazaar, straight from the hospital without any protocol. He inspected the stalls of fruits, vegetables, sugar and flour and also checked the quality and prices of commodities.

Talking to consumers, the Chief Minister said that the purpose of Ramadan bazaars is to provide relief to the common man in the real sense. He said that crackdown is also continuing against profiteers in open markets besides Ramadan bazaars. He said that he will not allow anyone to exploit the common man.

Talking to the people in Ramadan bazaar, he said that Ramadan bazaars have been set up throughout the province for the benefit of masses and quality food items are being provided to the masses at subsidized rates in Ramadan bazaars. He said the entire government machinery and elected representatives have been mobilized to ensure that the benefit of Ramadan package should reach the citizens. Shahbaz Sharif said that he is also paying regular visits to Ramadan bazaars to review quality, prices and availability of edible items.

He said that genuine relief will be provided to the masses. People including elderly persons, women and youth informed the Chief Minister that the prices of edible items are lower in Ramadan bazaars than the open market while their quality is better.

The Chief Minister inspected the stalls of sugar and flour and inquired from the people about their quality who expressed their satisfaction. The persons visiting Ramadan bazaars expressed their satisfaction over the quality and prices of essential commodities in Ramadan bazaars and described setting up of Ramadan bazaars as a people-friendly step of Shehbaz Sharif.

They said that Shahbaz Sharif has won the hearts of the people by setting up Ramadan bazaars. They also raised slogans of Shahbaz Sharif Zindabad.

The Chief Minister said that he will continue to pay surprise visit to hospitals and Ramadan bazaars in future as well. Talha Burki was also present on the occasion.

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