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Senate passed a Resolution against publishing of blasphemous caricatures

SenateLahore: The Senate has unanimously passed a resolution to strongly condemn the latest attempt in the United States to malign Islam through blasphemous caricatures.

According to the draft, such deliberate actions on the part of demented Islam-haters are unacceptable as the personality and image of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) enjoy a sanctity being a pillar of the faith of Islam.

“These hate crimes also reflect double-standards, since such blasphemy is justified as ‘freedom of expression’ while, concurrently, there are laws which imprison those who merely deny the Holocaust,” said Senator Mushahid who presented the resolution.

He urges the government of Pakistan to take strong notice of this blasphemy and immediately take up this issue of Islamophobia with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as well as the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The Senate, representing the sentiments of the people of Pakistan, and the Muslim World as a whole, also demanded strict legislation, similar to that about the Holocaust, be enacted in Western countries so that action, under the law, can be taken against all those who malign Islam or the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Moreover, the Senate also appealed to Muslims to not react to such grave provocations against their faith so as not to fall into any conspiratorial trap.

The Senate urged the United Nations to ensure that freedom of expression is not abused to malign any religion or hurt the sentiments of any people, ethnic group or religion.

Earlier, a similar situation arose in Europe, when a French magazine provoked Muslim sentiments by publishing blasphemous caricatures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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