Wednesday , January 22 2020
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PTI burns state writ in Lahore as government fails to protect citizen lives and property

Lahore: PTI has burnt state writ in Lahore with tyres and wood pieces as government failed to protect citizen lives and property.At least two kids were died in the city and dozens injured in fights with PTI Tigers.The both kids who were being taken to hospitals in ambulances for treatment but the protesters did not give way to them .

Government had announced to continue Metro Bus service but it failed to run metro buses on its routes as PTI workers blocked the roads and damaged the metro bus in the morning.

PTI had taken permission from the district administration for its protest in 18 points of the city but its workers in countable numbers blocked 40 points of the city and jammed the city.

The educated youth who claimed to bring positive change in the country set worst examples of violence as it never happened in the city life that ambulances were not being way for taking patients to the hospitals.The protesters looted the food items from Beden Road and enjoyed it Chairing Cross in the presence of Police.

The district Administration who had made tall claims to provide security to the traders and the transporters ,completely failed to protect the lives and property of the citizen.A few protesters successfully shutter downed the markets and closed the roads in the presence of the police.At number of places,citizen fought with the protesters for not giving way,closing the shops and the transport.

All this lawlessness happened in the city but Punjab Government only could condemned the incidents and performed its duty by condemning the PTI leadership.

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