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Tsunami hits the Lahore media, journalists forced to shed blood tears

Lahore: PTI tsunami shamefully hit the media and number of journalist forced to shed blood tears as the youth committed to bring change attacked on them like enemy’s force. Geo News staff, Waqt News and ARY media teams were manhandled by the PTI tigers but unfortunately PTI leaders did not condemned this uncivilized behaviour of the workers.

Today ,in the morning a group of armed people beaten Waqt News team including beat Reporter Sultan Shah and also damaged their DSNG van in the presence of PTI Lahore president Aleem Khan.The media team was there for the coverage of the Insafians.

Later,PTI Tigers attacked Geo News anchor Sana Mirza who came for the PTI protest and meeting coverage at Chairing Cross,senior journalist Sohail Warraich was also misbehaved whereas another senior journalist Ameen Hafeez was hit with a glass stone.ARY News channel DSNG van was also attacked by the peaceful protesters but the channel administration did not raise the issue at any level.

Senior journalist of Royal News was also misbehaved in Iqbal Town for asking to give way to his car but opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmood ur Rasheed timely intervene before  worsen the situation.

Journalists bodies have condemned the PTI attitude and demanded the leadership to for action against their workers.

A senior journalist Iftikhar Ahmad has tweeted that “I am shocked to see the attitude of mob with Sohail Warraich and Sana Mirza”leader must control their supporters Tigers” .

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