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Massive destruction due to rains is the evidence of the Shahbaz Sharif govt’s failure: Dr Yasmeen REashid

Dr. Yasmeen RashidLahore: Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf Punjab’s General Secretary Punjab Doctor Yasmeen Rashid said that the so called Chief Minister Punjab shahbaz shareef falsely claimed to make Lahore into Paris and Istanbul. He wasn’t able to make Lahore into Paris but he was successful in transforming Lahore into Venice. She said that all the main cities of Pakistan have been drowned; these rulers have destroyed the province. Punjab Government has been unsuccessful in saving human lives and belonging. He said that Punjab Government and administration knew that monsoon rains are right around the corner but they did nothing because of which the people suffered the loss of lives and possessions. Tehreek-e-insaf condoles the loss of precious lives and stands alongside the families in this difficult time. 

Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that the Chief Minister and his other inept ministers are busy in photo sessions. The time of the government is coming to an end, till this government stays in power they will make the people suffer. These rulers have lost the right to stay in power ethically and politically. The misleading promises that this government made to win elections have not been materialized. The underpasses that shahbaz shareef made are drowned under 12 feet of water which explains his level of good governance.
She said that the government must use all its resources to minimize the casualties and belongings and the government has left the people to suffer and is not paying attention to the seriousness of this matter.
Information Secretary Punjab Andleeb Abbas said that there is nothing like government in Punjab, the government and administration are sleeping while the people are trying their best to clear the water out from their homes. The traders and business men have lost millions but the immoral rulers do not care about that. These rulers are going to be made accountable and all the looted money will be brought back to be spent on public welfare.

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