Friday , February 21 2020
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Imran Khan ask party workers to reach Islamabad

Imran Khan address Monday nightLahore: PTI chief Imran Khan has asked his party worker,office bearers,party ticket holders and elected MPAs and MNAs and the people who who want to contest elections on PTI ticket to reach Islamabad at every cost tomorrow  from all over the country.

While addressing the participants of the sit-in on Monday night,Imran Khan said government has registered FIRs under anti terrorist act and mutiny,this was another mistake of the Nawaz Sharif government,every Pakistani knows me who would believe that I am a terrorist.

Imran Khan said all the corrupts have gathered against me,Nawaz Sharif has started to take decisions under fear, Mian sb has seen that he is going to lose power,PTI chief added.

Imran Khan said no leader want that his worker are being shot,Quaid -e-Azam led the civil obedience campaign too. He warned newly appointed IG Islamabad Tahir Aalam Khan not to issue orders of torture on his party workers otherwise I will not spare you,he also asked the police not to behave like Sharif’s personnel employees and act like state employees,Imran Khan added.

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