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Parliament joint session condemns lawlessness in Islamabad

Sayed Khursheed ShahMolana Fazal ur RehmanAbdul Ghani Bangish Aftab Sherpao Shah Mehmood QureshiLahore: On the second day of joint session of the parliament ,members unanimously condemned the attack on the parliament house,PTV building and body search of the officers and the officials at the gate of secretariat by the rioters in presence of the Pak army. It was demanded that PTI resignation should immediately be accepted and strict action be taken against the rioters if government could not do it then allow us we would remove them ,if could not do ,change our name. PTI and PAT are the two parts of the same coin and both are responsible what had done till now.

Today,PTI vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi came with around half of their members in the session, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq,gave the floor to Shah Mehmood out of turn after his arrival who spoke in details and said the parliament is their political Kaaba,they could not disrespect this institution which is our home,we were continuously trying to  settle the issue and end deadlock.We are not against the democracy,I proud of Imran Khan but Mohtarma Benazeer given me political training,we could not even think of attack on the parliament,he added.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Ishaq Dar will witness that we have talked on every point but they would not ready to accept the demand of PM resignation.Shah Mehmood Qureshi left the house with out announcing his resignation.

On the occasion,Speaker Ayaz Sadiq called PTI vice chairman and said please visit his chamber as he wants to discuss him the resignations issues but he went back to the sit-in venue.

Mehmood Khan Achakzai demand a resolution to be presented for the condemnation on which Shah Mehmood also sign.

Sherpao Khan said It was not way that the man who have resigned ,was allowed to address the house,either he should deny his resignation or he should not be entered in this house,speaker has to decide on PTI resignations.

Abdul Ghani Bangish said government to disperse the people who were standing on the gate of the parliament,if they can’t allow us we will disperse them.

Molana Fazal ur Rehman said government has to take decisions as per the law,it was a first time that the whole parliament was united to safe guard the democratic system.

Opposition leader Sayed Khursheed Shah said today was the day of the victory of the democracy,Shah Mehmood has given his word that they were ready for talks and end the deadlock, Jirga was not constituted for taking resignations.He said conspiracy was not over rather it was still being hatched,Now there was a split among PAT and PTI,those who do not accept system and those who respect the parliament are separated.PM Nawaz has emerged as a great leader because of patience demonstrated by him over last couple of weeks,Khursheed Shah added.


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