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PTI staged protest in front of Governor House

PTI Staged Protest in front of Governor HouseLahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab’s Staged Protest in front of Governor House on Mall Road Lahore. General Secretary Doctor Yasmeen Rashid said while addressing the party workers at Mall Road that Nawaz shareef and his cohorts have unleashed their cruelty on harmless civilians, Nawaz sharif’s Gullu butts have broken all the previous records of torture with their hooliganism, Nawaz sharif can not save his government through these cheap tactics, tehreek-e-insaaf strongly condemns the violence, shelling and baton charge against the harmless protestors, the rulers should inflict that much violence which they can themselves withstand later on.
The bloodshed of the martyrs of Islamabad and Model Town is not going to be discarded. For 16 days the people registered a peaceful protest in world’s history and not even a single leaf was damaged, but the rulers have crossed all limits with their torment in Islamabad, they should come to their senses, democracy is only in danger because of these rulers, Imran khan has been fighting for the rights of poor people for eighteen years, this rule of violence cannot continue for long, I salute the courage of the workers of PTI who are standing alongside their leader and that day isn’t far when there will be real democracy and the people are going to be free, the cohorts of Nawaz sharif are adding oil to the fire, to protest is the democratic right of every citizen, but the faces have been unveiled of these so called “democratic proprietors”.

Andleeb Abbas Secretary Information Punjab said that Chairman Imran Khan has decided to stay in Islamabad till he gets resignation of the Faked Mandate Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. She told that Females were facing hardships over there in Azadi March Chairman Imran Khan has ordered all females to move back to their own cities and sit in protest against against the cruel sharif family and continue the protest until the end of Sharif’s dynasty. She also said that moral of the nation and all PTI supporters and Workers is very high and PTI doesn’t believe in violence.

MPA Shanila Rout, MPA Nabila Hakim Ali, President Lahore Aleem Khan, Hamid Zaman, Karamat Ali Khokhar, Khalid Mehmood Gujjar, Zaheer Abbas Khokhar, other officer bearers and a huge number of party workers and supporters were also present at the protest.

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