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The Marchers and the revolutionaries are in great trouble

PTI leadership having mealLahore: Thousand of people who were either with the revolutionaries or the marchers,are facing great troubles as they have no food and a place to attend the call of nature in an honourable way.Another problem is money as most of the ATM machines are not working due to shortage of cash in the federal capital and nearby areas of Rawalpindi.

All the markets situated near sit in places were closed since the marchers and the revolutionaries reached Islamabad. Those who have cars and enough money to buy food from international chain of restaurant or star hotels are managing all the human needs  but those who have restricted resources,most of the time being found looking for food or toilets. Apparently it is avery pity issue but not for a man who is looking for food or a toilet.

Some marchers were complaining they left no money to buy food  or ticket to go back to their hometown.The leadership who shown us heaven in their promises have forgotten us,Imran Khan have a big big house in Islamabad and Shah Mehmood have more than enough money for his coming generations too but what we do with empty pockets ?

A known social activist Marvi Sirmed has tweeted today in the morning that “And Khan sahib once again came back to his Bani Gala mansion in early hours this morning. Understandable. It’s difficult you know”.

Maryam Nawaz has tweeted while commenting on the misery of the marchers that”Worker’s begging food and leadership enjoying meal”.

It is pertinent to mention here that same problems are being faced by the revolutionaries but they have no complain  with the Dr Allama Tahir ul Qadri who is their spiritual leader.

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