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Please take back ultimatums,Altaf Hussain appeals to PAT and PTI

Altaf HussainLahore: MQM Quid Altaf Hussain has appealed PAT and PTI leadership to withdraw their ultimatum for entering in Red Zone and remain limited to their demands.

While giving his policy statement on current political situation,Altaf Hussain said both the parties should try to settle issues through talks,its government responsibility to come forward and start negotiation with PAT and PTI.

Altaf Hussain congratulated the marchers and the revolutionaries for staging sit in despite worst weather conditions and asked them to continue their peaceful protest but do avoid to take law into their hands and entering Red Zone.

He advised the government  to initiate dialogue with them and immediately accept their reasonable demands to normalise the situation.He warned that confrontation would not be beneficial for any party and the country.He said government and the protestors should keep in mind that army is busy in operation Zarb -e-Azb and fighting against the terrorists.

Altaf Hussain also demanded the government to immediately release all the arrested political workers in good will gesture .

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