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One dies ,dozens injured in PAT clash with police in Faisal Town

Lahore clash Lahore: Roads blockage in Faisal Town has made PAT workers violent today in the evening  resulting injuries to dozens of people including a SHO Husnain Haider alongwith 6 cops.All the injured have been shifted to the nearest hospital where they were being treated.

According to the TV channels,PAT workers armed with sticks and bullets made of glass attacked the cops on duty,torn their uniform ,snatched their fire arms and severely beaten them and moved all the containers .

Later,more police force reached there and took control of the area back from the PAT workerLahore clashs after thrashing and taking revenge from them.Police made all those people an example for all by beating them like a dog  who dared to attacked on their fellows.

On the occasion,CCPO and DIG Operations remained there all the time , backing and encouraging the cops who were using power to dismantle the protesters. First police used teargas on a large scale and then baton charge the PAT workers without any discrimination weather they were men,women,kids or old.

After hours of this battle,Dr Tahir ul Qadri hold responsible Punjab government for the scene in a media talk and said a PAT worker Abdul Majeed has died with the bullets of the police in Bhakkar.Dr Qadri said if government did not use police force for its condemnable goals,the clash between police and PAT workers would never happened. He said I give my guarantee that PAT protest would be peaceful as he does not need police protection so police force should be removed to restore peace in the area. If police kept the area cordon off than anything could be happened,he added.

Dr Qadri talked most of the time in English for the international media and talked in Urdu for a while for local media.

Meanwhile,Faisal Town Police have registered another case against PAT leadership and hundreds of workers for attacking on police and snatching weapons from the cops.

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