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Imran Khan is not ready to hold dialogue with elected government: Shahbaz Sharif

CM PUNJAB Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Imran Khan is ready to hold talks with those who martyred more than 40 thousand Pakistani citizens, officers and jawans of Pak-Army, officers and officials of other law enforcement agencies but refuses to hold talks with an elected government which is a clear proof of his duplicity. He said that question of mid-term elections in Pakistan does not arise. He said that talking about a person who tells lies on Holy Quran is a wastage of time.

He said this while giving a special interview to PTV today. The Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif lamented that Imran Khan asks to hold talks with these elements who are bent upon destroying Pakistan and killed thousands of innocent Pakistanis but is not ready to hold dialogue with elected government. He said that Imran Khan did not launch a long march against a person telling lies on Holy Quran nor against martyrdom of thousands of innocent people in Gaza.

The Chief Minister said that Pakistan came into being after numerous sacrifices and this is the first Independence Day which is being made controversial. He said that efforts are being made to destabilize the country. He said that on the one side there are non-political elements while on the other hand there is a political party and all these elements are again pushing the country into darkness. It is our collective responsibility to improve the present situation. He said that the trends of extremism and intolerance have been created in the society and this challenge can be overcome through changing Thana culture, upholding justice and promotion of education. He expressed the hope that Thana culture will be changed according to the promises made with the people and justice will prevail.

Replying to a question, Shahbaz Sharif said that he is deeply grieved over the Model Town incident. He said that in the history of the country whenever such incidents happened, it was always ignored but he announced setting up of judicial commission on the very first day and removed senior police officers from their posts so that all could see that justice was being done and all demands of justice have been fulfilled in this regard.

The Chief Minister lamented that a person has given threats of violence and asked his workers to place nails on sticks and enter into houses of police officials and use their women and children as shields. Such never happens in a civilized society, this is neither justice nor humanity, he added. He said that these elements are bent upon creating hindrances in the process of development and prosperity and destabilize the country and want to spread despondency and create chaos and anarchy. He said that these non-political elements are also suffering from fear. The Chief Minister said that he has discharged national and political responsibility and every step will be taken for the protection of life and property of the people within the ambit of law and the constitution. He said that Imran Khan had made promise with the nation that he would not tell a lie in future but he sets records of telling lies. Imran Khan claimed that metro bus project was completed a cost of Rs. 70 billion in Lahore.

Shahbaz Sharif said that if its cost is proved Rs 35 billion he is ready to resign. He said that such elements have joined hands with those talking about revolution and long march as got waived of 250 billion rupees during previous eras and committed dacoites in banks. He said that there are thieves and looters with the claimant of revolution. Shahbaz Sharif said that Imran Khan congratulated him on phone on winning election and now he is raising hue and cry against so-called rigging. He said that nation wants to know the objectives behind the long march of Imran Khan. The Chief Minister said that Imran Khan had announced to eliminate corruption within 90 days in KPK but this announcement also proved only a hollow slogan. He said that PTI government did not carry out work of even a single penny in KPK and only ten per cent budget was spent on education there.

Shahbaz Sharif said that PML-N has served the nation with sincerity and will also bury all conspiracies being hatched against development of the country and the nation and democracy. He said that government has started the journey of bringing the country out of darkness with full attention but it did not suit some elements. He said that we have no fear of anyone except Almighty Allah. He said that looters and thieves will be held accountable and every sacrifice will be made for the country of Quaid and Iqbal. The Chief Minister said that we have set records of service and there is no allegation of corruption against PML-N government. He said that during general elections 2013 Imran Khan was under a wrong impression about his popularity but transparent elections were held and international observers declared these elections most transparent.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he is Khadim of the people and kings are those people who have been enjoying cool breezes of Canada and palaces of London during flood, dengue and other calamities and instead of sharing miseries of IDPs, raising hue and cry of rigging in the elections. He said that when there was dengue in the country a king was sitting in London while the other in Canada. He said that on August 14 only 18 crore people of the country will win and this will be the victory of service and justice. He expressed his belief that country will become a developed one. He said that people have given mandate to PML-N and we will live and die with the people.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Imran Khan tolerated PPP government for five years but he is not tolerating that party which is public representative and serving the masses. He said that we will achieve the real independence when the country and the nation will be strong economically. The Chief Minister said that Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif is a professional solider and under his leadership Pak-Army is fighting against terrorists courageously. He said that Pak-Army is fighting a war for the survival of the country and the entire nation is praying for their success. He said that in such a situation sit-ins and protests can affect this operation.

Shahbaz Sharif said that energy groups of Pakistan and China have approved 10400 megawatt electricity projects in Beijing the other day, of which 8500 electricity projects will be completed at a cost of Rs. 16 billion dollars in 2017-18 which is a good news for the nation on Independence Day. He said that nation should celebrate as China is proving to be a real friend. He said that the work on the coal-based power plants is continuing in Port Qasim and Sahiwal. Similarly, Nandipur Power Project was revived and the first turbine became operational within a period of seven months. Shahbaz Sharif said that he has served the people selflessly during last six years.

He said that more than one and a half lakh people are travelling by metro buses daily. He said that the work on Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus project is continuing speedily and expressed the hope that metro buses will run in twin cities by December 25. He said that work has been carried out on setting up of Daanish schools, public health programmes, medical colleges, universities and provision of other facilities for the betterment of common people. He said that the national resources of 20 billion rupees have been saved through personal efforts and holding talks with those giving lowest bids in the development projects.

The Chief Minister said that 50 thousand vehicles will be given to the jobless youths under self-employment scheme whereas orange line, metro train project is also being launched. He said that elite has looted the country but we have worked for the welfare of the common man instead of providing facilities to the elite.

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