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PTI to hold historical rally in Sialkot: Ijaz Ch

PTi_Punjab_president_Ijaz Ch_is _holding_press_conferenceLahore: President PTI Punjab Ejaz Ahmed Ch addressing the workers in perpetration for Sialkot rally said that the government total failure in every area of governance will be exposed tomorrow at Sialkot where they will see a huge number of people who will come out in protest of a faked government mandate. He said that the governments failed in succeeding all they had promised including inflation and load shedding is entirely because they are a rigged government and a rigged government can never deliver on its peak. He warns the government that all attempts at trying to derail the rally tomorrow will result in even a larger crowd gathering at Jinnah stadium than in Faisalabad and in Islamabad.

General Secretary PTI Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid Said that the public was very disappointed by the budget which carried an exemption for the rich and all duties and taxes for the poor. She said that Sialkot will show tomorrow how rigged the election was where the Sharif family and friends had used their own empires to win a fixed match.

Secretary Information PTI Punjab Andleeb Abbas said that even in 50 degrees temperature the public will come out in the city of exports to show the reaction against the government which had destroyed exports by raising the cost of energy and gas by imposing duties and taxes which were making the traditional exports from Sialkot uncompetitive. She said that in this burning heat the burning frustration that government which has completely failed in governance will be fully visible in tomorrow’s rally. She said PTI will not stop until and unless the elections reforms do not take place.

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