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Taliban Announce Ceasefire for one month

TalibanLahore: Taliban have announced ceasefire for one month.According to the TTP spokesman Shahid Ullah Shahid Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban started dialogues with good motives and seriously with the government, we are a party of principle, and after consulting all the groups ,we are announcing ceasefire and now its government turn to honour its commitments.

The Taliban respect the best interests of Islam and the country , a month ceasefire is declared,he added. We hope that the Government will consider seriously the decision of ceasefire and talks will be kept away from politics.

According to Taliban Committee sources it was intimated to the Minister for interior affairs Ch Nisar Ali Khan by Molana Sami ul Haq on telephone who was in Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah.It was expected that both the government and the Taliban committees will start negotiation within couple of days.JUI(S) spokesman Molana Aasim Makhdum has confirmed that CH Nisar called Molana Sami ul Haq who share this good news with him.

Meanwhile,PST chairman Ijaz Sarwat Qadri and MWM had rejected the  ceasefire and termed it a card to making secure themselves. He had the opinion that they were  trying to dust flurry of national security agencies to get time for making their hideouts and bankers more safe and secure.


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