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JI strongly condemns the bomb blast at a church

pic syed munawar hasan (8)Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has  said that the Islamic movements all over the world would have to step forward and play a leading role for foiling enemy designs and for solving the problems besetting the Muslim world including Pakistan.

He was addressing a press conference at Mansoora on Sunday, at which he also announced the schedule for an international moot of the Islamic movements being hosted by the JI on September 25 and 26 in the Punjab capital. More than forty representatives of the Islamic movements including the Ikhwanul Muslimoon would be attending the conference which would underscore the need for the unity of the Muslim rulers for facing the enemy designs.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that at present, the vast natural resources of the Muslim world were in the control of Islam’s enemies and the Muslims were not free to use their own resources for themselves.

The JI Ameer strongly condemned the bomb blast at a Christian church in Peshawar during the day and said the whole nation was grieved over the killings in the tragedy. He said that Islam preached respect for all religions, and attack at any worship place was most condemnable. However, he said that the enemies of Pakistan and Islam were bent upon creating instability and chaos in the country to foil all efforts for peace. He said that instead of issuing hollow statements, the rulers should adopt concrete steps to curb terrorism.

He said that the government and the armed forces must be on the same page for talks with the Taliban but the civil leadership must be in the controlling position.

The JI Ameer said that the world colonialism led by the US was foiling all efforts for world peace. The life, property and honour of the Muslims all over the world was insecure. Colonial powers were interfering in Muslim countries and engineering terrorist activities. Millions of Muslims had been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, while drone attacks had killed thousands in this country. The US and NATO had begun an undeclared war against the Muslims.

He said the US had been supporting dictators in the Muslim world in order to obstruct the rule of the Islamic movements, and Algeria, Sudan, Palestine and Egypt were the examples. In Egypt, the US had openly supported a military general in ousting an elected government, and the military regime had killed thousands of peaceful protesters demanding the restoration of the democratic government.

Syed Munawar Hasan said, it was a paradox that while there was a world wide campaign against death sentence, the NGOs and international bodies opposing capital punishment had not uttered w word against the death sentences announced to JI leaders in Bangladesh.

He said, there was deep hatred in the oppressed nations against the US and colonialism for its double standards and the volcano could erupt any moment. Therefore, the Muslim world should unite and strive for saving the humanity from another world war being

Asked about the issuance of visas to the conference invitees, Syed Munawar Hasan said the government attitude so far had been positive and he hoped for the better.

To another question, he said he had the fear that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could declare India MFN under US pressure, accepting India’ supremacy and  throwing the Kashmir issue in the dustbin. .

On the Karachi situation, he said, so far he failed to under stand the nature of targeted operation. He said unless and until, a completely impartial and indiscriminate operation was carried out, there wont be any get positive results.

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