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A big protest against suicide bombing at Peshawar Church

protest against blastprotest in lahore against twin suicide blast in a churchpolicemen are standing to protect the protestersprotest in lahore against twin suicide blast in a churchLahore: After twin suicide bombing at Peshawar Church , citizens demonstrated a large protest against this brutal attack in front of Lahore Press club with many religious, political and welfare officials and parties assembled.

Chairman HLCP Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra and Director International Affairs Pastor Anwar Javed  addressed to the demonstrators. Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra said that present Government has totally failed to provide  protection to Christian,  breathing in the country because minorities are being ill-treated and targeted at every level. Attack on  All Saints Church in Peshawar is a result of provisional and federal government’s frustum exclusionism because Government provide temporary security and protection to Christians and their worship places but they get ignored very soon.

Government should take necessary measures to stop brutality against Christian in Pakistan and demanded the serious investigations of this incident and a strict action against culprits.

Pastor Anwar Javed forewarned the international community that the risk to the minorities in Pakistan is touching critical level. Minorities especially Christian are felling more insecure after this horrible incident of Peshawar Church and said that such shameful acts of terrorism reflect the hate and intolerance of religious militancy for other religions around, which is destroying the harmony and peace of our country. He urges that United Nations should make urgent arrangements to protect Christians and their Churches in Pakistan.

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