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Twin blast takes 70 lives in Karachi

Karachi blastLahore: Atleast 70 people have died in a terror attack in the vicinity of Abbas Town,Karachi.According to the Karachi Police in the evening in congested area of the Karachi Abbas town first blast took place,the bomb was planted in a motorcycle.Police and rescuers were busy to save the lives of the injureds ,in the meantime another bomb was blast.

Twin blast spread the fear in the whole area,Hue and cry could be seen everywhere in the said area,legs ,arms and other human body parts were every where on the crime scene.Police immediately cordoned off the area and speed up the relief work. After blasts emergency was imposed in all the hospitals of the Karachi and all the staff of the hospitals were called on duty by the health department.Long queues of the blood donors were seen in all the hospitals.

Police have claimed to arrest a suspect from the crime scene.Sindh Govt has announced Rs one million for the deceased and five lakh compensation amount for injured families.Sindh and Punjab governments have announced mourning days on 4th of March for Abbas Town incident.

Relief work was continued till late at night as more than three hundred flats and shops were met with ground and number of people were buried in it.Three relatives of the deputy speaker Sindh Assembly Shahala Raza were also in the martyreds.

All the political parties have condemned these blast and demanded the govt to punish the culprits for the unforgivable crime.

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