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Pakistan a friendly state for foreign investors: PM

London:  Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has said that Pakistan has a friendly climate and conducive environment for foreign investment and business ventures in assorted sectors of the economy.

Speaking at a dinner-cum-reception hosted by the pm_addressingukpcci (UKPCCI) Tuesday night in his honour, the Prime Minister invited Pakistani diaspora to invest in their country which had great potential as well as slew of opportunities for business.

First Lady Nusrat Pervez Ashraf, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan’s High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan, UKPCCI President and other office-bearers were present on the occasion.

Pakistan is an investment-friendly country and international companies are working there smoothly, which is reflective of normal situation prevailing in the  country, he added. The Prime Minister urged investors, businessmen and representatives of international business organizations, attending the reception, to invest in public-private business ventures since liberal economic policies allowed the foreign investors to repatriate principal as well as profit without hindrance.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that negative and distorted perception portrayed about difficult situation in the country, needed to be countered and corrected since ground realities were contrary to that. The country was exposed to some difficulties and challenges which could be overcome, he said and added that the nation had the courage and commitment to survive the challenging situation.He said Pakistan was fighting against terror to protect the nation and making efforts to promote lasting peace in the country as well as in the region, he added.

He opined that media, which got freedom in the democratic environment, would get matured with the passage of time to perform its professional obligations in a more responsible manner. The Prime Minister said that collective wisdom could bring intrinsic improvement. The forum of such collective wisdom is parliament which can take all decisions to put the country on the rails of sustained development and progress, he added.

He said fulcrum of power was 180 million people of Pakistan, who could safeguard democracy as well as interests of the country against any threat and challenge.He reiterated that the people should not become hostage to any complex, rather they ought to be a role model for rest of the world by delivering even against all odds in difficult circumstances.He said Pakistan was importing wheat few years back when the PPP was voted to power in 2008 and foreign exchange was under great pressure,posing serious economic challenges to it.

The country is now exporting wheat with surging foreign exchange reserves, improving exports and declining inflation with hike in foreign remittances, he added.The Prime Minister said the present democratically elected dispensation would be the first government in the history of Pakistan, which would be completing its constitutional tenure.Besides, the present democratic government will pave the way for next civilian dispensation by ensuring free, fair and transparent elections in the country, which he added, was unprecedented.Highlighting the contribution of Pakistani diaspora to the country, the Prime Minister said, “Pakistan needs you and you need Pakistan.” You have organic link with your homeland, thus you should  apprise your children about the rich traditions and culture of  Pakistan, he added He told the Pakistani community that they should serve their country and the High Commission was here to facilitate them so that they could render better contribution for Pakistan.

All the stakeholders have unanimity of views that situation is improving in Pakistan, he said and added that it was high time for investment in the country to benefit from the business opportunities.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan had excellent relations with the United Kingdom and both sides were determined to bolster trade to 2.5 billion pound by 2015.

Referring to his meeting with British counterpart David Cameron, he said the two sides discussed bilateral and other issues of international importance and had convergence of views in this regard.

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